About us

Since 1909, LELAS has been producing communication and warning equipment intended for operation in extreme weather and industrial conditions: with temperature changes; high humidity; precipitation; salt fogs; aggressive and explosive gases, vapors and dust.
The purpose of the company's work is to find a solution to the problem of providing communication in difficult weather and industrial conditions. The history of LELAS is related to the production of communication and warning equipment for the French Navy. Later, the accumulated experience and completed projects allowed the company to use the results of applied research to create products for the extractive and processing industries.

The production of Lelas products begins with the stage of research of market needs and the development of a technical solution that satisfies the needs of customers. The production of products from electronics to housings allows to manufacture devices corresponding to the needs of customers. The quality of LELAS products is confirmed by international certificates ISO 9001, IECEX and ATEX.
The equipment is certificated TR TS, and also the certificate of the Marine Register for installation on platforms and vessels. Our engineers constantly improve existing systems of research and production by introducing new technologies. We produce and supply high quality equipment at reasonable prices.

In Belarus, We offer the following directions of technical solutions for Lelas:


To expand the functionality of communication systems and satisfy all customer needs, LELAS has developed a wide range of alarm and warning devices: sound sirens, flash lamps, combined alarms, horn loudspeakers, including a built-in amplifier.


A wide range of devices for LELAS dispatch communication systems allows to build the optimal configuration for any requirements of both industrial and civilian and military facilities. The quality of LELAS systems is confirmed by hundreds of facilities around the world: refineries, drilling, plants, landfills, ports, airports, tunnels, overpasses, railway, metro, hospitals, etc.


PA / GA systems allow the creation of high-quality and operational voice notification, as well as alerting with alarms and pre-recorded messages. In this case, they easily integrate with
dispatching and telephony.


LELAS offers clock systems with synchronization from GPS and GLONASS, consisting of a main time synchronization station and a secondary clock in the form of a scoreboard that can be used in industrial plants, including in hazardous areas.