Industrial atex telephone

Explosion-proof phone is a class of industrial communication devices, the key property of which is increased strength and resistance to the factors of their use.

The necessity of using telephones is conditioned by the environment of their use:

  • in the conditions of a production and assembly shop where the risk of mechanical damage can not be used by equipment of the "consumer" and "office" class,
  • in hazardous industries related to the production of toxic, explosive substances,
  • at refineries, oil storages, gas stations where the risk of fire and explosion is high to ensure uninterrupted communication or the giving of a distress signal,
  • in storage and auxiliary rooms with high temperature differences,
  • In rooms with high dust and noise pollution.

Lelas telephones are:

  • Durable shock-proof, explosion-proof housing that provides protection against mechanical damage, dust and moisture protection,
  • ergonomic industrial design of the device, providing convenience of use,
  • high-quality communication in the conditions of an aggressive production environment.