Product group: Industrial desk telephone

TLA 126

The TLA office telephone can be used as a stand-alone telephone communication device, including IP and GSM, and as a peripheral device in the Universal system.

Features of the office telephone construction

The base and the tube are made of high-impact ABS plastic. Quality assembly eliminates the chance of  moisture and dust penetration  inside the structure, preventing the electronic board from failing. When mounted on a wall, the installation is done from the back panel, which eliminates the possibility of theft of the phone.

Depending on the modification, the model can be keyboardless  or supplemented with a module of a conventional keyboard for making calls to any devices of the system.

An advantageous feature of the TLA 126 is its versatility. Depending on the scope of application, the device can be used as a desktop fixed telephone, and also mounted on a wall. The base color is red, but gray and white versions are available on request.

Application of THA 126

Regardless of whether the explosion-proof device is used autonomously or as part of the Universal system, the TLA 126 is widely used  in offices and control rooms of industrial companies. The device is easily connected to the telephone line, as well as to other devices of dispatching communication systems.