Product group: Industrial weatherproof telephone

TLH 376

One of the key peripheral devices in the dispatching system without a central switch is the THL 376 shock-proof phone assembled in a cast aluminum vandal-proof casing.

Technical features and benefits
The model is designed to make voice calls in the hands-free mode. Built-in speaker with a power of 5 watts is protected from weather and external mechanical damage. It is possible to retrofit the device with a handset for private calls. In the tone dialing mode, code programming is available, and their indication is possible when the unit is supplemented with an additional module with an LCD screen.

In general, the industrial phone allows for both individual and group calls, as well as to be combined into a "conference".
Connection to the communication system is carried out by means of a parallel loop or by the "star" scheme. In addition to dispatching communication systems, the device can be used as an industrial intercom in IP telephony and GSM.

Vandal-proof design, and excellent noise immunity determine the demand for the model on the railway, industrial enterprises with high operating temperatures, extreme noise and vibration.