Product group: Industrial weatherproof telephone

TLS 247

One of the most practical models is the TLS 247 - an industrial intercom device with anti-vandal characteristics. It is reliably protected from burglary and damage as a result of fires and a possible explosion.
Design Features & Benefits
The structural feature of this unit is that unlike many hinged models, the TLS 247 can be built into a vertical surface. The case is made of stainless steel, and is distinguished by a natural steel color.

Depending on the application, the anti-shock phone can be equipped with either a module with 1-2 buttons for direct dialing to the last subscriber, or a full 16-key keyboard for dialing, programming numbers, and storing up to 10 contacts in the device's memory.

High-quality loud communication is provided by the loudspeaker and microphone, protected from interference, but there is a technical possibility of equipping the device with a handset for making private calls.

Regardless of the technical design, a signal lamp is conveniently located on the central panel to avoid tracing the bell in a particularly noisy environment.
The vandal-proof model TLS 247 is designed specifically for noisy places with the risk of vandalism, namely:

  • Railway;
  • bus stations;
  • security zones.

The industrial phone is resistant to bad weather, vibration and reliably protected from burglary.