Product group: Industrial weatherproof telephone

TLX 302

The simplest shockproof phone in a series of modular apparatus Lelas, working in the modes of tonal and pulse dialing.

Features & Benefits

A compact stainless steel construction consists of two modules, which are completed according to the needs. For private calls, the industrial telephone can be supplemented with an additional module with a handset. Talking in hands-free mode is possible, thanks to a  built-in amplifier with a 5 W speaker. A sensitive microphone is weatherproof, and  protected against interference of  the power grid.

There is the possibility of programming codes in the tone mode, and in the device memory you can save up to 10 numbers in the list of the last ones. The body can be mounted on a vertical surface or built into any support. If there is a module of 1 or 2 buttons, the option of direct dialing to the last number is available.

Application shockproof phone TLX 302

In production, railway stations, security facilities, the industrial intercom TLX 302 connects to dispatching systems without a switch, as well as to analogue lines of  PBX. With additional modules, the device is also used in IP telephony and GSM systems.