Product group: Industrial weatherproof telephone

TLX 304

The modular industrial telephone TLX 304 is an integral part of the decentralized dispatching system of the Universal type, or a separate device connected to an analog or digital PBX.
Features & Benefits
The design is completed from 4 modules, where the main one is directly the case with the board, and additional ones can be chosen at the discretion:

  • loudspeaker 5 W for hands-free operation in noisy environment;
  • all-weather microphone, protected from radio and electrical interference;
  • built-in camera for remote control;
  • keypad with vandal-proof keys;
  • module with 1 or 2 buttons for direct dialing to the last dialed numbers;
  • a flash lamp for signaling an incoming call in particularly noisy conditions;
  • a pipe for making private calls;
  • LCD display for programming.

The options of the built-in relay for controlling door structures and gates are available. Also, a shockproof phone is used to connect to telephony systems - analog, VoIP or GSM.
The TLX 304 industrial intercom is used wherever it is necessary to provide dispatcher communication without a central switch. Thanks to the anti-vandal modular design, the phone is particularly in demand in the railway industry, in production, in security organizations.