Product group: Industrial weatherproof telephone

TLX 306

The design of the shockproof phone is suitable for the concealed installation of equipment in any support. When using the version in a single case, it is possible to mount on a wall.
The device has a function of remote monitoring and control via a web-interface.

Characteristics of the TLX 306:

Analog version:

  • Multi-frequency (DTMF) or pulse dialing.
  • Automatic answer.
  • Network protection.
  • Programming and changing settings locally or remotely
  • Dual function Handset, dial or memory
  • Acoustic power speaker 1 or 5 W
  • Linear current 18 mA, 35A
  • Voltage on the terminal 48V (24mini) Umax 60VDC
  • Telephone set: 270 - 540 Hz
  • Tone noise: 300 - 500 Hz

VOIP version.

  • Data transfer rate: 10/100 Mbs,
  • 2 Ethernet ports:
    • DHCP (automatic addressing)
    • PPPoE (manual addressing)
  • Selection of 2 power supplies:
    • 12v
    • PoE: IEEE802.3AF (30 to 48 V)
  • Protocol: SIP

GSM version:

  • Dual Sim (second for backup)
  • Phone book,
  • It is programmed via SMS and / or a service station,
  • Used as an element of the access system,
  • Choice of 4 power sources: 12v, 24v 230v, solar battery.