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Conference communication and notification system "CONFERENCE" for the mining industry
The Conference system was developed by Lelas engineers for use in industrial environments characterized by high ambient noise levels, high temperatures and the risk of mechanical damage.

Explosion-proof communication equipment Lelas is resistant to the environment of use: resistant to corrosion, chemicals and high temperatures.
The architecture of the public address system provides options for connecting devices: external loud-speaking devices and warning sirens are connected both using an architecture that includes a central switch, and using the organization method without a control panel.

The principle of organization of the "Conference" communication system:
The notification and conference communication system consists of clusters of explosion-proof intercoms united by a connecting bus.
The power of the built-in intercom is 15 watts.
Power supply for the entire system from an explosion-proof power supply - 2A. All devices work in the "CONFERENCE" mode: by pressing the button, the conversation is heard on all devices in the system. Optionally, the system expands to a corporate warning system outside the industrial zone: on the territory of the plant management, adjacent territory. It is possible to install an explosion-proof pedal that replaces the call button, which makes it easier to use the system during the production process.

The significant advantages of the Conference system are:

  • system architecture (possibility of organization without a control panel),
  • purchase and operation price,
  • call sound volume (base power 120 dB),
  • protected shockproof case (high level of anti-vandal protection),
  • tightness, dust and moisture protection of the case (IP 66),
  • use temperature range from - 50 to +70 С °,
  • increased power of external loudspeakers up to 25 watts,
  • built-in amplifier,
  • ease of installation, commissioning and operation of the system,
  • long system coverage distances (when using additional local power supply to devices).

Additional features:

  • a specialized connection system that ensures ease of installation and system upgrade,
  • data recording and storage system,
  • choice of system functioning: “conference” or “dispatcher-subscriber panel” system with dialing.

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