Product group: Dispatching communication systems


Characteristics of the U3G loudspeaker system

The negotiation devices are connected without the use of a control panel:
Each peripheral device (loudspeaker, telephone, intercom, siren) is equipped with a microprocessor, which allows switching in each device. The switching architecture without a central unit avoids the risk of a central switch failure and will reduce the installation and downtime costs of the system.

The unlimited length of the connecting distance of the intercoms is provided by additional connection to the power supply of each device.

Negotiation and notification management can be done from the control room by technology (push to talk).

System Options:

Possibility to use the number guide
Connection to the radio system and automatic telephone exchange of the enterprise
Built-in device monitoring system
Possibility to record negotiations
In the system can be used devices with different degrees of protection (shockproof, explosion-proof)

Power supply: 24V, 48V, 220V.

The system supports architecture options:


 • "Star" - up to 99 intercoms and 1 dispatching console

• "Total intercom" - up to 100 devices with a keyboard for connection inside the network
• Group system - up to 8 dispatcher devices that combine groups of intercom devices