Product group: Industrial atex intercom





  • Input voltage 110 / 220CA;
  • Power (Joules) 05/15/21;
  • Sound power (dB) 110;
  • Consumption (VA) 15/25/31;

Aluminum alloy body with anti-corrosion coating;
Gas explosion protection marking: 1Ex db IIC T4 Gb X or 1Ex db IIB + H2 T4 Gb X or 1Ex db IIB + H2 T6 / T5 Gb X, against ignition of combustible dust Ex tb IIIC T135 ° С Db X;
Degree of protection against ingress of dust and moisture: IP66;
Vandal-proof performance, shock resistance: IK10 (20 J);
Sound pressure level: up to 115 dB at a distance of 1 m;
Choice of 6 types (tone) of the sound siren signal;
Xenon lamp with flash energy 15 or 21 Joule;
Flash rate: 60 per minute or at the rhythm of a call signal;
Lighthouse color: white, yellow, red or upon request;
Phone connection: built-in electronic relay is triggered when the phone call signal rings (no additional relay contact board);
The ability to control the contact of the power contacts;
Power supply: ≈ 230Vac or ± 24 / 48Vdc;
Cable glands: 2 pcs., For cable sheath Ø from 7 to 12 mm;
Operating temperature range: -52 ° С to + 70 ° С;
Overall dimensions: 193х403х223 mm / Weight: ≈ 8 kg;
Mounting: wall or bracket for mounting on another surface (option);
Option: stainless steel protective grill for the lighthouse;
When requesting, please indicate the following parameters: type of power supply, beacon color, beacon power 15 or 21 joules, with or without grill, with or without mounting brackets.