Product group: Industrial atex intercom

TLH 214

TLH 214 is a series of explosion-proof industrial intercoms with a high degree of dust and moisture resistance (IP55 / 66), the key objective of which is to ensure uninterrupted communication and notification in production conditions.

Characteristics of intercom TLH 214:

Electrical characteristics:

  • The device is powered by a constant current source: 12 to 60 V.
  • Power consumption: <40mA.
  • The voltage of the call is 35 - 80 Vac.

  • Dialing: DTMF / pulse.
  • Optional: built-in light signaling (flashing beacon)
  • The volume of the sound signal is 80 dB at a distance of 1 m.

Housing material: Lightweight aluminum alloy
Mounting: on the wall
Overall dimensions: 215 X 350 X 195 mm
Weight: 9.0 kg
Protection EEx: Eex 'd' .ATEX II2GD (EEx d IIB + T6)
Noise suppression.

Keyboard: 16 keys (*, #, 0,1,9)
BIS button: redial last number
R Button: Flush

Available versions of the device (modification - phone):
TLS214A1CL: Hands-free type with display and keyboard
TLS214A1S: Hands-free type with 1 call button + 8 numbers in memory
TLA214A3A: Standard type with handset and keyboard
TLS214A1S / P: Hands-free type with VoIP SIP POE, 1 call button