Industrial clean room intercom

Medical (cleen room) intercom is a class of protected intercoms intended for use in an unfavorable environment, both indoors and out.
The design of the intercom is designed to maintain sterility in the room: the body is covered with plastic from polyester fiber in which there are no without pores , which- this prevents the accumulation of microorganisms and allows for hygienic processing.
Areas of application: medical institutions and hospitals, pharmaceutical production, laboratories and diagnostic centers, chemical and food industries, productions where aseptic conditions are required.

Advantages of Intercoms LE LAS:
- The microphone is protected from external noises and the built-in amplifier provides a high quality of a sound.
- Ways of connection:

  1. As an analog device subject to the availability in the presence of PBX ATS,
  2. Digital connection via VOIP, SIP protocol.
    • With this method, the connection uses POE power (24-48 VDC when using a connection to a digital PBX).
  3. A connection method without a control panel is available.