Product group: Industrial desk intercom

TCH 202

 The desktop dispatching system of the Universal system is an improved version, which replaced the equipment of the 201/202 series.

Dispatching consoles TSN202 series in comparison with their predecessors are more compact, with modern design, resistant to mechanical influences, with the ability to control the sound power.

Dispatching consoles TSN202 are used in the Universal system without a central unit, with different type of configuration (star, intercom or group) with cable laying with a "star" or "loop" with 1 talk channel or with a "star" in a system with 5 channels (for this system, you need to add a TCT210P1U2 control panel).

Dispatching consoles TSN202 perform the following functions:

  • communication with the intercoms in the system,
  • connection to a group of subscribers, a common loud call,
  • initiation and accession to the conversation (conference),
  • registration of missed calls,
  • transfer to another dispatching desk in the absence of an operator,
  • control one or more relay contacts.

You can record a conversation and connect to various interfaces. These devices are connected to all other models of the Universal system. It is possible to select the options and components of the consoles according to the needs of the client:

  • wall mount
  • stationary (desktop) version
  • optional: 1 - 5 Watt sound amplifier,
  • choice of power options: central or local 24, 48 or 230 volts.