Industrial weatherproof intercom

All-weather peripheral devices form the basis of a loudspeaker (alert) system.
Varieties and design features
Depending on the model, the shockproof intercom can function as a dispatcher station or subscriber panel.

All-weather subscriber models are equipped with the ability to call the control center, and receive group and individual calls.
The functionality of dispatcher devices is extended to full control of group calls, they have the option of making individual and group calls with any subscribers of the network.

Models are equipped with a handset and built-in loudspeaker, there is the possibility of talking in hands-free mode. The nominal power of the loudspeaker is 5 W, and in some devices the amplifier is built-in up to 15 W, which ensures high-quality loud communication on particularly noisy objects. There is also built-in microphone protection.

The hermetic design of the case is made of aluminum or impact-resistant plastic (depending on the model), and is painted in an "alarm" color - orange.

Dispatching devices are equipped with a keyboard that allows not only to make calls, but also to transmit voice announcements via hands-free to each individual network loudspeaker. In the subscriber units there is a call button for calls to the dispatcher.

All anti-vandalism devices of Lelas combine the same advantages:

  • Molded construction - reliable protection against penetration of dust and dirt, degree of protection IP66.
  • Shockproof case made of anti-vandal materials.
  • Moisture-proof materials - neither plastic nor aluminum are prone to damage by corrosion.
  • Protected from external damage loudspeaker - loud communication is possible even on remote objects.
  • A wide range of operating temperatures from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C allows the use of a waterproof intercom in all conditions.

The devices provide high-quality loud communication up to 120 dB at a distance of 16 km when connected from the PBX, where the device can be connected to both an analog line and IP / GSM industrial telephony.
Scope of application

Equipment Lelas has successfully manifested itself in almost all areas:

  • The transport industry is a railway, a subway.
  • Public places - hospitals, parks, stadiums.
  • Production enterprises and construction sites.
  • Oil and gas industry.

The devices are integrated by a parallel connection from the device to the device, or through the junction box ("Star").