Product group: Industrial weatherproof intercom

TLH 402

The loudspeaker (warning) system is a decentralized network of peripherals connected to each other, where the function of the subscriber panel is performed by the waterproof intercom THL 402.

Design Features THL 402

The all-weather subscriber panel is made of an alarm-colored plastic (vandal-proof) antivandal casing, reliably protected from atmospheric precipitation and dust (degree of protection IP66), and is equipped with vandal-resistant elements:

  • high-impact loudspeaker with a power of 5W;
  • cord of stainless steel tube, withstand weight up to 100 kg.

The built-in amplifier allows you to do without a tube, and any of the components of the device can be easily replaced.

The device works stably in the temperature range -40 ° C / + 60 ° C.

Application of THL 402

The shockproof intercom THL 402 is an integral part of dispatching and technological communication networks, which are used in various fields - on the railway, metro lines, oil and gas facilities, manufacturing plants. The device is in demand everywhere, where communication is carried out at a high noise level, as well as in severe weather conditions.

In the THL 402 model, you can call and answer the call of the dispatching console, as well as connect to the conference between subscribers. There is a technical possibility of integration in the IP / GSM network of industrial telephony.