Product group: Industrial weatherproof intercom

TLS 376

The control panel of the THL 376 E is a shockproof intercom of the wall type with a high degree of vandalism IK10 with an integrated call control panel.

Design Features of the THL 376 E

The model is made in an anti-corrosion shock-resistant casing made of aluminum. The degree of protection against dust and moisture is IP66.

The waterproof intercom is equipped with a keypad, there is the possibility:

  • Individual call;
  • group call;
  • conversation "conference".

The built-in amplifier provides a hands-free function. There is a sound adjustment, the microphone is protected by noise insulation.

Application 376 E

The main scope of application of the device is a system of loud-speaking communication (notification) in conditions of industrial noise and severe weather conditions. The device works stably at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C, therefore it is in demand in all areas where stable technological communication is required:

  • railway facilities and metro lines;
  • external objects of oil and gas industry;
  • industrial production and chemical industry.

It is used both in cable networks and in IP / GSM industrial telephony.