Signaling equipment

The notification system of an industrial enterprise is a set of devices that provide information transmission by means of light or sound signals.
Annunciators are used to transmit information messages, to give a signal about an accident, as a way of attracting the attention of workers and employees.
Light and sound alarm equipment are combined into a single system via a central switchboard, or use the technology of dispatching communication systems without a central switch.

It's allows to transmit a signal using the control panel, or any other device in a single notification system. Depending on the architecture of the notification system, it is possible to simultaneously turn all devices on and off in the "General alarm" mode.

LELAS has developed and produces warning systems that are divided into classes:

  • light annunciators,
  • explosion-proof annunciators,
  • Sounders and explosion-proof horn loudspeakers (horns),
  • anti-vandal alarms.

The LELAS warning equipment is configured according to the needs of customers, operating conditions.

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