Industrial atex signaling equipment

Explosion-proof annunciators from LeLas are a separate category of devices with a particularly robust design, intended for use in facilities with extreme conditions in terms of precipitation and in terms of temperature differences.

Devices can be made in the form of separate sound sirens, which are designed only for the supply of an audio signal, as well as in the form of universal structures, including light annunciators. In the latter case, the siren is supplemented with a light module based on a powerful xenon flash lamp with a power of up to 15 J, which allows simultaneous filing of a light warning about an emergency situation. In complex devices, there is a choice of hood color.
The option is useful where the noise level can mute the audio alert.

It should be understood that alarms are often given in conditions of temperature rise and strong smoke (explosion, fire), therefore the anti-vandal siren is suitable for use in any fire alarm systems. Also, the devices function perfectly in dispatch communication systems at refineries and at industrial facilities.