Product group: Industrial atex signaling equipment

FEF 232

Under the brand name FEF 232, LeLas produces light annunciators with a fixed flash rhythm that is 60 flashes per minute, and also with a built-in telephone interface for connecting to telephone lines 30-100V.

General Features and Benefits

The hood design provides a complete 360 ​​° flare view.
The case itself is made of a durable aluminum alloy, and the hood is made of shockproof glass. The surface of the case is covered with an anti-corrosion paint of orange color, which provides even greater protection from the weather. In addition to the standard white color, the hood is available in three more colors - green, red and yellow.

Explosion-proof annunciators of this brand are designed for the use of xenon lamps with a capacity of 15-21 Joules.

For connection to the telephone line, there are two outputs for a single or multi-core cable with a diameter of 5 to 8 mm.
A flash beacon is an indispensable element in the installation of alarms in high-rise buildings. Reliably protected from bad weather, and also equipped with a xenon lamp, it provides excellent brightness at a decent distance.

As a component, the model is used in fire and emergency warning systems at industrial and oil refining facilities.