Product group: Industrial atex signaling equipment

RED 225

The company LeLas presents light annunciators, designed specifically for work in difficult industrial conditions - this is the RED 225.

Design Features & Benefits of RED 225.

The main advantage of the loudspeaker is its simple, light weight and at the same time sturdy construction. The case made of soft aluminum is painted in a signal orange color. The qualitative assembly meets the standards of protection against moisture and dust IP66. Therefore, explosion-proof annunciators of this brand are characterized by increased resistance to the effects of chemicals that can get to the surface of the housing.

The siren is available in two versions - for use in conjunction with loud-speaker systems with a maximum output of up to 25 W, or with a built-in 15 W amplifier, for connecting to systems without central control.

The loudspeaker is easy to use, quickly connected to the warning system, and during repair it is possible to easily replace any of the parts.

The RED 225 anti-vandal (anti-vandal) siren is an indispensable element for dispatching, loudspeaking and technological communication systems at facilities where the equipment is exposed to constant effects of atmospheric precipitation, chemical media and temperature fluctuations.