Product group: Industrial weatherproof signaling equipment


The simplest model for sound notification in security and fire alarm systems, as well as to amplify the audio signal in the control systems of communications is the anti-vandal siren LeLas 140.

Design Features

The case is completely made of soft aluminum alloy, which ensures the strength of the structure even in emergency conditions (for example, explosion, fire). There are outputs for connection to security systems or to other network devices, such as light annunciators.

The design is in the form of a speaker, and is equipped with a built-in 15 W amplifier, which alone provides power amplification up to 115 dB per meter. The case is protected from penetration of dust and moisture, which is very important for production facilities. The mount is made of stainless steel, and the case itself is coated with corrosion-resistant paint.

Like all explosion-proof annunciators, model 140 is in demand in industrial and oil refineries in dispatching systems without a central switch, for example Universal. Also, it is a success as a signaling device in security and fire systems, where it is important to give a loud signal in an emergency situation.