Product group: Industrial weatherproof signaling equipment

FEF 405

Alarm FEF 405 is a flashing beacon with a wide start-up of the flash lamp power - from 5 J to 21 J, which depends on the specific model.

General Features and Benefits

Like other lights in the FEF 405, the fixed flash frequency is 60 per minute. The standard color of the case is orange, and the cap is white. But in this model, on request, there is a choice of color and the aluminum case itself, and a glass cap. Another distinguishing feature is the presence of a protective grille from the inox.

The telephone relay is already integrated in the device, and the connection to the telephone line is carried out using multicore cables with cross-section up to 1.5 mm2.

The body is cast, and the quality assembly of the structure complies with the IP66 standard, which gives a full guarantee of protection from penetration of moisture and dust.

Mounting type is wall-mounted, and with the help of two bolts the alarm system is fixed to a vertical surface.

Explosion-proof annunciators perform their functions perfectly even under the most extreme conditions, and therefore the FEF 405 light beacon is used in objects where it is necessary to provide a light signal. For example, this model is popular as an outdoor signal system in high-rise buildings.