Product group: Industrial weatherproof signaling equipment

KLM 344

Combined anti-vandal (anti-vandal) siren is designed to deliver a sound signal and flash in industrial conditions.

The siren features powerful sound characteristics - the power take-off is 110-126 dB at a distance of 1 m. Inside the design there are built-in switches, allowing you to select a siren melody of 8 available. There is also the possibility of manual adjustment of the siren signal power.

Explosion-proof annunciators are made in a durable, hermetic casing made of soft aluminum alloys with increased protection against dust and moisture penetration. That is why the case itself and the internal "filling" are reliably protected from corrosion. The body itself is assembled on 4 bolts, which also distinguishes it from other models.

In addition to the two standard inputs for the cable, there is another spare one.

Scope of application

Combined light annunciators KLM 344 ​​are designed to work both with telephone lines and in dispatching communication systems, for this the internal filling is equipped with an electronic relay card. The devices perform their functions well in harsh climatic conditions, and due to the high sound power of the siren it provides a stable sound signal in noisy places.