Product group: Industrial weatherproof signaling equipment

KLM 405

Model KLM 405 is an all-weather siren in a cast aluminum housing, which, in addition to weather, protects the device from damage under harsh operating conditions. By the way, light annunciators of SGV 405 brand - this is the connection of signaling of this model with an alarm lamp.

The aluminum case of the device, like most models of the line, is painted in orange. The power of the built-in amplifier reaches 15 W, and the device stably works on lines up to 100 V. There is the possibility of not only adjusting the volume, but also selecting a key.

As well as explosion-proof sirens of the LeLas line, the alarm system is reliably protected from penetration of moisture and dust according to IP66 standards. The case is fixed to the wall with 2 bolts, and the device is connected to the network by two all-weather cables of 6-8 mm cross-section.

Due to its versatility (quick and easy replacement of spare parts, addition of a warning light), the anti-vandal siren KLM 405 is used both for its intended purpose - as an integral element of emergency and fire alarm systems, and in any communication system without a central unit where a supply is required loud beep.