Product group: Industrial weatherproof signaling equipment

RED 364

For decentralized industrial hands-free systems, LeLas has developed self-contained light annunciators with a built-in amplifier that do not require a central unit. One of these models is the RED 364 loudspeaker.

The anti-vandal (anti-vandal) siren RED 364 is similar in design to the RED 225, but it's lighter by weight - only 7.5 kg. Thus, the loudspeaker attached by means of a metal bracket made of stainless steel is able to withstand even extreme wind loads. A runaway temperature, in which the device works stably and without interruption - from -40 to +60 ° C

Also, the model is equipped with an amplifier that is capable of delivering a nominal power of 15 W in a wider frequency range - 420-1150 Hz. Connect to other loudspeakers using a loop.
Being an indispensable component of industrial communication systems, explosion-proof annunciators are successfully used in the same spheres:

  • industrial enterprises with a high level of noise;
  • refineries;
  • transportation facilities.

In addition, in view of the high quality of sound transmission, the RED 364 speakers are used as elements of an alarm system (emergency or fire alarm).