Product group: Industrial weatherproof signaling equipment

RED 405

The audio siren RED 405 is designed specifically for fire situations with large smoke, where light annunciators can not always cope with their task. Ideally, both elements of fire systems are used in the complex (in particular, this is the SGV 405 system)
Design Features
To prevent moisture from entering the device, the RED 405 anti-vandal (anti-vandal) siren is assembled in a cast aluminum housing covered with a layer of anti-corrosion paint. It is resistant to temperature changes in the range -40 ° С ... + 60 ° С.

The device has excellent sound characteristics - the power is 90-120 dB per 1 m, and is adjusted manually. The tone can be changed - there are 4 options.

There are 2 outputs for a multicore cable with a cross section of 1.5 mm, with a cross section of the outputs 6-8 mm.
Scope of application

Explosion-proof annunciators are particularly in demand in industries where there is a certain risk of damage to the security system. For example, in industrial plants, refineries, devices with an increased degree of protection are simply necessary. In addition, in conjunction with light signaling devices, the model is used to provide a sound signal about the danger in fire alarm systems.