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Lelas is a European brand specializing in explosion-proof, wear-resistant, all-weather industrial equipment.

Lelas Group is a company that is the result of collaboration and merger of companies from Belarus, China and Europe. The engineers of the company develop communication devices, intercoms, warning systems, whose main goal is trouble-free operation in an unfavorable environment. Lelas equipment is used in production plants of industrial enterprises, refineries, gas stations, public transport stops and taxis, railway stations, subway stations, medical institutions. The equipment is used by Shell, Total, British Petroleum, ABB, Gaz de France, Esso, Petrofac, National China Petrolem Corporation, Minsk Metro. The needs of the company's customers determine the main direction of production of equipment, which are:

Communication and communication systems

Consumers make high demands on industrial telecommunications devices, which are used in shops of industrial enterprises, production of fuel, fuel and lubricants, and processing of natural gas.

Intrinsically-safe industrial intercoms

ensure uninterrupted communication in the event of an emergency situation, work in conditions of high temperature and humidity.

Industrial intercoms and telephones

combine the functions of the intercom and loudspeaker, and allow you to call the subscriber in the conditions of ambient noise of machines and production equipment.

Shockproof (anti-vandal) intercoms

They are used in public places such as metro stations, railway stations, airports and places where there is a high risk of damage or damage to the device. The design of the device is designed for long-term uninterrupted operation of the equipment without additional maintenance.

Medical aseptic intercoms

They are designed for use in the laboratory, operating unit, intensive care unit to provide communication in sterile conditions.

Notification systems

light annunciators and flashing beacons

resistant to dust, moisture, high temperatures, adapted to work indoors and outside.

Sound sirens are used to create emergency and fire alarm systems.

The design and construction of the equipment meet the technical requirements for use in the industrial and service industries:

  • anti-vandal protection
  • Dust-, moisture-, heat-resistant
  • explosion-proof (comply with the requirements of the EU ATEX directive)


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Lelas on the exhibition "Power. Ecology. Energy saving. Electro» (EnergyExpo) 2017

In 2017, the forum presented samples of modern equipment and technical solutions used for the production and distribution of electricity and heat, automation of distribution management systems, technical tools for resource-saving.

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Lelas at the EnergoExpo (announcement)

We invite you to learn more about the Lelas brand at the International Exhibition "ENERGY EXPO 2017", which will be held from 10 to 13 October 2017. in the "Football Manege".

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