Product group: Industrial desk telephone

TCH 201

The dispatching console TCH 201 is the result of finalizing the phone 153 - one of the outdated models of the Universal system. The new model has a number of advantages that make it possible to use the phone in more severe conditions.
Features & Benefits
The key advantage of the TCH 201 model is the ability to complete and select the design for the customer's needs. For example, depending on the form of attachment, it can be a desktop intercom, and a wall-mounted version.

You can choose the appropriate maximum power - 1 W or 5 W, which can be adjusted manually. The design has a built-in microphone with noise protection, but if necessary, the model can be supplemented with a separate desktop gooseneck microphone.

The only module of the device can be equipped with one or two buttons - depending on the functions used.
In general, the stationary telephone TCH 201 can be regarded as an explosion-proof device, so it is particularly in demand in industrial production, where stable, uninterrupted dispatch communication is needed. In particular, the device interface is designed to connect to other elements of the Universal system using a cable or cable in the "star" scheme.