Product group: Industrial atex signaling equipment

SGV 218

Electrical characteristics SGV 218:
Power supply: 230VCA depending on the model
Other meals on request
Consumption: 15W - 15VA
Beacon power: 5; 15; 21 Joules depending on
Beacon flash frequency: 60 per minute
Beep type: in the table
Telephone connection: Electrical relay
Telephone line current: 30 to 100Vac 25-50 Hz
Telephone line impedance:> 3.5 KOhm
Signals (adjustable): 1 or 2 tones, low,
high, evacuation signal, melody
Special functions: parallel to telephone
lines, operates parallel to the call, no
need a relay in the phone

Mechanical characteristics:
Dust and moisture protection: IP 66
Paint: protective
Production material: aluminum alloy
Color: RAL2003 (orange)
Mount: wall-mounted on 2 bolts
Connection: on removable connectors
Cable entries: 2 pieces, type ¾ NPT for cable Ø7 -
Ø12 mm
Beacon cover: security glass with grill
Dimensions: 214 X 223 X 402.5mm
Weight: 8KG

- Other body colors on request
- Lighthouse color: red, blue, yellow, green,
- cable entry no.
- Power supply 24-48V CC; 115VCA
- Bracket for wall mounting

-IECEx INE 18.0029X
IEC60079-0: 2011
IEC60079-1: 2014
IEC60079-31: 2013
EN 60079-0: 2012 + A11: 2013
EN 60079-1: 2014
EN 60079-31: 2014
TR CU EAC certificates