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TCH 202
TCH 202

The compact model TCH 202 is a two-module dispatching console with more advanced functionality. The vandal-proof design protects the electronic "stuffing" of the phone from damage, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the device in production facilities.

Features and Benefits

So, in comparison with previous models, the TCH 202 is a full-fledged intercom, which is produced not only in a desktop, but also in a wall-mounted version. The device consists of two modules, each of which can be customized. So, there is a possibility of choosing the optimal power, type of microphone, and type of attachment.

A set of functions available on the TCH 202:

  • individual calls to any of the dispatch network devices
  • group calls within the system
  • loud call function
  • organization of conference calls
  • Missed calls are recorded in the device memory. In the absence of an operator on this device, the call can be transferred to another free dispatching console.

TCH 202 application

The explosion-proof device TCH 202 is used as one of the elements of the Universal dispatch communication system, which in turn has shown excellent qualities in ensuring uninterrupted communication in industrial production, as well as at refineries.

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