Industrial weatherproof signaling equipment

Explosion-proof annunciators are designed for warning systems - both security and fire, because their design is designed taking into account the risks that may occur during an emergency.

For example, during a fire, the housing of the siren is subject to strong heating, and the LeLas models are able to work stably with an increase in temperature up to + 70 ° C. Devices are particularly in demand at refineries and oil production facilities, so the device confidently functions and under extreme frosts down to -40 ° С.

The key advantage of the sirens is the availability of built-in amplifiers that allow them to function autonomously without additional amplification, with connection directly to the telephone line or dispatching system. A device with a power of up to 15 W is able at the time to notify of an emergency situation where light annunciators can not cope, for example, in case of emergency smoke.

In dispatching communication systems, a shockproof (anti-vandal) siren is used as an input element or during telephone calls. In security and fire alarm systems, the device is connected to a line voltage of 30-100 V. In general, the devices have been tested for testing in the most extreme operating conditions - in the field of industry and oil refining.