Industrial atex intercom

Intercom is a class of intercom devices that are used to transmit audio messages over a communication channel.
A distinctive feature of the intercom from other intercoms, such as a telephone and a telephone headset, is its design: by means of the "Hands Free" option, users negotiate without using additional accessories, using only the hands-free function.

Intercom equipment is widely used to organize communication and alert personnel in:

  • office premises, including as a meeting room within the transmission system,
  • as a means of communication between business units,
  • as a means of warning, for giving a distress signal, fire alarm.

In terms of its functions, the equipment is divided into:
Systems with central switching (a telephone PBX of the enterprise, or a dedicated control system for subscriber devices) is used as a switch.
Communication systems without a control panel.

Lelas offers communication systems in the Belarusian market, the key area of ​​application of which is the automation of industrial enterprises. Intercom communication systems are an integral part of creating an alarm system in the industry.

The advantage of Lelas equipment is:

  • stability to environmental factors (dust, moisture, thermal protection),
  • industrial design of the device, minimizing mechanical damage to equipment during operation,
  • reliability of communication in various modes of operation,
  • simplicity of installation without additional costs, in case of choice of network architecture "without centralization"
  • the explosion-proof design of the equipment ensures the stability of the intercom intercom to mechanical damage, and allows use in hazardous production conditions.